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dr fano

About Dr. Fano

Dr. Fano is the practicing chiropractor at the Advanced Rehab and Wellness Center in Clifton, NJ. His passion for helping other is at the cornerstone of the Advanced Rehab & Wellness Center practice. He is a devoted healer and chiropractor who recognizes the need for optimum health within a busy and stressful environment. Dr. Fano understands the pressures of life, which can create headaches, stress points, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. He is a Learned professional who takes a humanistic approach to his work.

Accomplishments & Certifications

Life College of Chiropractic Graduate - 1991

National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Certified - 1992

Certified in X-Ray - 1992

State Board of Chiropractic Examiners - 1992

Member of Wellness Professionals Outreach Program - 2011

About The Wellness Center

We are a group of wellness professionals under one roof-chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture - working together to promote better health. Our goal is to restore and correct most musculoskeletal disorders. We are dedicated to promoting a higher degree of healing at a faster rate. We implement the spinal re-curve method, which allows the cervical, thoracic and lumbar curves to restore in a short period of time with no pain or suffering. We utilize the re-curve chair, a full spine curve correction device that expedites the correction of headaches and neck pain. It was recently featured on the TV show, "Drs". Stress and fatigue are a part of our every day existence but they can lead to serious health problems. If untreated, the chain reaction creates higher levels of stress and fatigue as well as insomnia and chronic illness. We address the whole cycle and treat the cause not the symptom.

About Jill Chiorazzo & Acupuncture

dr fano

Gua Sha and Cupping:

Gua Sha is a treatment where the skin is scraped with a flat, smooth edge to break up constriction. Cupping produces similar effects to gua sha but is done by suctioning certain areas of skin. These modalities release blockages and stagnation in the subcutaneous fascia of the skin and promote the free flow of qi and blood. These techniques help carry nutrients to the tissues, carry away waste, restore normal metabolic processes, relieve pain and expel pathogens.

Gua Sha and Cupping often produce redness or sha on the skin. This redness will often resemble a hicky and will fade in 2-4 days. The more sha that comes up is a general indication of how much constriction was released.

We advice that you take it easy for the rest of the day, drink lots of water, and keep the area warm and covered.

Trigger point Needling:

Trigger point needling is the usage of needle manipulation to release knots in the muscles. These trigger points are constrictions in the muscle that may cause local or referral pain, pressure on nerves, lack of mobility and stiffness. If these blockages become chronic they will cause the muscle to become fibrotic and loose circulation and flexibility.

Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture: Blockages in the abdomen (and sometimes other areas) are found and then released using distal points. The patient can feel the difference in the abdominal reflexes before and after the needles are inserted.

Optimum Health and Wellness

What is wellness, its benefits, and how can I acquire it?

Wellness isn't just a state of mind. It requires focused attention to what the body is trying to tell us when we have head, neck, shoulder, and back pain. And if we listen and treat our symptoms with non-invasive means we can enjoy optimum health and wellness and live pain free.

"We treat the cause,

not the symptoms."

  • Benefits
  • Ease of Movement
  • Improved Spinal Curvature
  • Improved Immune System Response
  • Increased Physical
  • Pain Reduction Without Drugs
  • Reduced Fatigue